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garett knew ali was alive theory

okay, so we have these quotes from garett 1. “someone you know well has got you completely fooled”
2.”what was snatched from her grave that night would have actually proved my inisence”
3.”people lie but, medical records don’t”
4. and we now know alison is alive.
5. and the night on the halloween train garett tells the story of all that he knows, including making jenna think she was dead.
 1. we all assume that the person is A, and then toby through the seasons progression. But what if that person is ali? a person who they knew who knew them all too well. I’m pretty sure making someone think you’re dead is having them completely fooled.  2. also his inacense would have been proved by the fact that there is a random dead body lying in that grave, not one alison dilarentus.
3. the medical recordds are ali’s dental records, proving that the teeth are not hers, but the random body’s instead. that, or page 5 has something off on it that could prove ali is alive.
4. thanks to the halloween 2013 special, we now know this and it isn’t just random guessing, there is actually some solid part of this theory.
5. Garret is telling spencer the story, including the fact he helped her make jenna think she was dead. maybe she needed this so she could fake her death, and she knew somebody was coming for her. therefor he helped her fake her death. that leads us to think maybe he helped in other ways too. when spencer goes to get aria she is locked in a box with the dead body of garett. i think alison and grunwald killed him to dispose of the evidence he had from helping, and now that spencer knows, she’s smart and will figure it out so they kill him. I don’t think they locked aria in the box though, i think A did that, or cece drake.


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